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Annetta’s Drop Card Samples
Welcome to the “Samples” section of my drop card website. Below you will find just a few samples of what our drop card bills look like. Remember, these are just samples. We can customize the back side of your business drop cards to say anything you want. Your drop cards will reflect your specific offer. The only limit is your imagination (and the amount of space allowed on the card, of course)!
  • The Famous $100 Drop Card
Most of my business opportunity and wealth-building customers opt for the
$100 bill drop card. They are real “attention getters” and are sure to he picked up almost anywhere they are left by people who are looking to
make money – people who will be interested in what your opportunity can
offer them.

  • The Popular $20 Drop Card
Our 320 drop cards are also popular with customers who otter business
opportunities. These cards also serve as a wonderful way to provide your
potential leads and customers with discounts off of higher-ticket products
and services. For example, it you have a $180 opportunity to otter your
customers, the $20 discount offered on the back of the drop card would
allow your customer to get the deal at $160. Everyone loves a deal, and
these drop cards have been proven to generate amazing results.

  • The Popular $20 Drop Card
Our $5 and $10 drop cards are used primarily to provide potential
customers with discounts and coupons. Some of the most successful
restaurants who use our products order these drop cards and use them to
offer discounts on dine-in services. However, that’s not the only thing these
cards can be used for. These drop cards can also be used by individuals who
offer business opportunities, products and services. Promote your
personalized message and otter discounts off of your lower-ticket items to
generate amazing sales.

Everyone Loves Money
There’s one thing that’s certain – no matter which drop card you use, you can be sure that your message will be noticed and read. I assure you, there is serious power in drop card marketing when it’s done right. Our drop cards, and the drop card secrets that you are about to receive, will ensure that you get a massive return on investment when ordering our drop cards to market your business. Don’t waste another dime or another minute of your time on marketing techniques that don’t return results. Isn’t it time you tried something that actually works? Order your drop cards now!
Here Are Some of my Favorite Attention Getters! (Remember, you only want just enough information on the card that
will get them curious enough to make a phone call or visit your website. is used for demo purposes only.)

Number 1 Home Based Business Opportunity!
Disappointed? Don’t be!
I can show you how to make
25-30 real once every month!

If you Want to Work the Rest of Your Life
That’s Your Business.
If You Don’t, That’s My Business!
You can make excauses or you can make money
You can’t make both!

This is Invitation to The Wealthy
1% Club!
(555) 555-5555

There are literally dozens of sizzle phrases you can use with these cards.
Again, it is limited only by your imagination and motivation!